Wednesday, August 31, 2005

IrelandDigital Podcast No.2

New IrelandDigital podcast mp3 for Aug. 31 2005.
This week we look at Google Talk, Apple Video iPod rumours, Irish Podcasts, the Irish iTunes Music Store, Imagine Broadband and Laptops for all Irish kids schoolkids!

Some links mentioned in show:
CultureSluts Podcast

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Saturday, August 20, 2005

IrelandDigital Podcast No.1

Pods at the Ready! Ireland has a brand new PODCAST, called "IrelandDigital".
So here it is - listen with care - this is our first attempt, so it's a bit crap - sound is bad and we are a bit rambling, but bear with us, we will get better! MP3 here and also on Apple iTunes Store ( Just search the podcast section for "IrelandDigital" - we'll put the direct link to iTunes when we figure out how to do that :-)

Myself and Alex decided that Ireland needs some local podcast content and podcasters, so in the absence of anybody else ( with Talent! ) doing it, we decided to take the plunge and start one. The podcast is mainly concerned with Tech Industry goings-on, Wired (+Wireless! ) Culture and all things Internet and Digital Entertainment related - ALL FROM AN IRISH PERSPECTIVE.
We hope to do it bi-weekly and more often if we can.

And remember if you want to come on the show, give us feedback or suggest an item - email us at irelanddigital at gmail dot com.