Monday, January 23, 2006

IrelandDigital Podcast No.15

IrelandDigital No.15 is now online. In a packed show this week, we have guests Adrian Weckler from the Sunday Business Post and legendary DJ, Broadcaster and Businessman Dusty Rhodes. This week we discuss new mobile figures out from O2 Ireland, 3G Market Stats, "3" Rumours, BT's Irish Name confusion, Apple's "MOBILE ME", Magnet ADSL2, Irish Podcasting, New DSL speeds and more!!

Check out Adrian's new blog

Magnet Networks

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At 1:19 PM, Blogger Brendan said...

I have a minor coincidence to report... before moving to the US, I worked at Atlantic 252 in 98 & 99, after Dusty had left. I do remember reading his email when the powers that be had the DJs switch to real names. Thus died Elvis O'Brien, and soon thereafter the once great powerhouse itself. Looking forward to hearing the show (currently having download problems but I'm sure it'll work eventually). Thanks for passing on the Gerry Ryan info - It's been a long time since I could listen to the 'Ryan Line' through headphones while riding the bus to work. Hurrah for podcasting!


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